Measuring Blinds Inside Frame

Measure the internal width of the Window Recess. We would always recommend measuring the top, middle and bottom in case the recess is out of square and then using the narrowest Measurement.

Measure the internal drop of the Recess. We would always recommend measuring the far left hand side, the center and the far right hand side and then using the shortest measurement. When Recess sizes are given Johnson Blinds will take all the necessary adjustments to ensure you receive a perfect fitting.

Measuring Blinds Outside Frame

While measuring the width decide the length that you would like the blind to overlap the window recess. We would recommend a minimum of 10 cm each side although this is largely down to personal preference. Please take care to account for any obstacles that may interrupt the usage of the blind.

While measuring the drop decide how much you would like the blind to overlap the window recess. We would recommend a minimum of 10 cm above to allow for convenient fixing of the mounting brackets. The bottom overlap is a personal preference.

Always first mention the width & then the drop. Preferable quote sizes in cm.

window1 window2 window3

Measure for Curtain Rods

Determining the size of the hardware and width for curtain rod is simple. Follows these simple steps:

  • Measure the width of the window you are going to cover.
  • Rod width does not include the width of the finials on each end. For
  • Finials add 3 to 5 Inches (width) on each end, depending on the finial style.
  • Determine proper overlap. We recommend about 5 Inches per side or a total of 10 Inches.
  • Add the widths of the window, overlap and finial width as shown below to determine the overall width.

For example: if your window is 50” wide, you would normally order a 60” length curtain rod and the overall finished width would be 63” to 65” depending upon the finial style.

Measuring Tips:

  • Keep in mind when measuring, that the overall width will not interfere with any objects in the room on which you are mounting the drapery hardware.
  • Always use a steel tape measure. All dimensions should be taken to the nearest 1/4 Inch.
  • Double check to make sure that you haven’t transposed width and height measurements.
  • Measure every window. Windows that look identical often are not.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service for more information.

Selection of design and fabric is made easy by simply flipping through Johnson’s shade, fabric and texture selectors. You can also view latest designs on our website. If you still have queries, feel free to call our design experts at Johnson. If you wish to check live samples you may visit us or any of our dealers. For contact details, you may also send us mail and we will provide information for the nearest dealer location.

The key to selecting blinds that suit your interiors rely on the location of the room, the number of windows, the size of windows, if the room is facing the sun and the amount of light control and privacy is required. These are taken care of by our design experts, they will guide you step by step concerning fabrics, design color schemes and control mechanisms, all keeping in mind the budget at hand.

Yes, at Johnson we are dedicated in providing our customers with the latest products that are introduced to the market. We always believe in serving our clients with unsurpassed quality at most competitive prices which makes us one of the most loved brands among Interior Designers, Architects, Hoteliers and Lifestyle makers.

Best time to finalize the most appropriate blinds is when you are decorating your walls ( Paint or Wall papers ). Once you have decided on the color and texture of the walls, o can contact our design experts at Johnson who will assist you in selecting which Johnson Products (Window Blinds or Curtain Rods) best suits your requirements like light control and privacy and also match them with your interiors.

It’s a simple three-step process. First, select a design of Window Blind and second, measure the size, third call us, we will offer you a rough estimate for Product cost , Taxes and Freight.

Johnson’s Installation Team provides worry free installations and technical support. This service is easily available in National Capital Region. For places other than Delhi NCR, Johnson dealers are at your service for installations.

Gone are the days when you have to think or plan for motorizing any Window blinds, now at Johnson Blinds – motorizing any blind is not at all expensive. Johnson offers the best quality motors and expert services at most competitive prices for motors and remotes. Since Johnson Blinds is a leading whole seller of blinds motors, hence it offers the cheapest price directly to consumers. Johnson offers motors from world renowned brands like Somfy, Elero and Dooya. Pre-installation services are provided to help you with electrical points and other technical details as which motors will suit your requirement.

Yes, Johnson (Blinds & Curtain Rods) have a wide dealer network across India and our products are available in most parts of India. To know more about a dealer in your area check for dealer Locator on Home page and send us your requirement we will revert with dealer information at earliest.

Yes, we are already selling our products in many countries and can easily ship the goods to any part of the world. We have a tie-up with International Couriers and Cargos to deliver the product safely and assured timely delivery. We offer ready to install Blinds and Curtain Rods.

For any information on international business please drop us e- mail at

Yes, we are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic persons who love to sell Johnson lifestyle products with passion. Once you become the dealer you will be given all technical know-how to sell and earn from Johnson products. You may check the Dealership Program for more details.

Not at all. All Johnson products are reasonably priced. At Johnson, we are committed to offer the best quality products at most competitive prices within your budget.

Johnson offers 12 months warranty on its entire collection. Terms and Conditions apply.