DesignerHoneycomb Blinds

We usually associate binds with just the purpose of blocking out light. Johnson’s Honeycomb shades are our best-insulating window coverings.
This is how it works: The shape of these Honeycomb window coverings traps air in an insulating layer between your room and the outdoors, so you’ll enjoy lower heating bills in winter as well as less AC use in summer.

This blind can also be motorized.


This blind can easily be rolled up to have clear view of outside. The fabric is washable and can be easily maintained for years.

Composition 100% Polyester
Available Width 2.60 Meter
Tearing Strength Very High
Coating Acrylic Coating Resistant To Cracking & Fraying

Johnson’s Shades can be use manually or by the touch of remote. To further customize your blinds, consider one of our popular lift options. Our motorized shades can be operated by remote control and add hands-free ease to controlling your window shades throughout the day.

If you have small children or pets in the home, consider cordless shades for a sleek look and peace of mind.

Things you will need

  • A feather Duster or hand held vacuum
  • A dry piece of cloth

Vacuum the blind gently with the hand held vacuum or, if using a normal vacuum, make sure you use the brush-ended nozzle attachment so as not to damage your blind.

Gently run your feather duster or clean cloth over the blind to pick up any leftover dust. If your blind is light in colour, make sure you use a light coloured cloth so no dark lint or colour rubs off onto your blind.

You’re Done!

Now your blind is clean and beautiful.. For best results, repeat these steps weekly and your blinds will stay good as new all year long!