Johnson’s team of in-house design experts have unmatched expertise in decor, with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Each element used in the making of these blinds are of premium quality. We import the fabric and operating components and intricate fitment is done in accordance with all the technical specifications to provide optimum performance for years. All our blind are custom made, hence we ensure a stringent quality check before the delivery of any product well before the due date. So don’t worry, we ensure a timely delivery as well.


Production is of the essence, at Johnson we ensure to pay extreme care and attention to the production process. We partake in a meticulously planned procedure for the production of curtain rods right from chemical washing to painting to final packaging. Johnson also ensure that only premium quality of raw materials and high grade materials are used in production of Johnson’s curtain rods be it Curtain Sections, ABS Plastic, Paints or Chemicals.

We use best quality PU Paints, which gives high gloss finish on the final product and top clear coat further enhances the products life.

All our production teams are highly trained and updated on a regular basis and are skilled with all the latest technology available to improve our products in quality and design as and when required.

Johnson also gives its clients the benefit of customizing their own blinds. After production process is complete the products have to pass stringent quality checks, which includes checking the strength of the material, fitments, final finishing of the product and packaging before the products go for their final dispatch.