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An exquisite range of roller blinds, with over 10 years of expertise, we strive to bring you the best.

At Johnson, we have a dedicated team that are experts in window dressing to help you find the best designs within your budget. Customizing your designs has never been easier, Johnson has design consultants to guide you get the best results. We promise, its hassle free, easy and fun.

A touch of serendipity for your interiorsCUSTOMIZE YOUR BLINDS

You could be a designer too. The only company in India to offer an option to customize your blinds, Johnson is the only company in India, which offers its clients the infinite option of colors to choose from in harmony with their interiors. You don’t need to worry about your blinds not complementing the interiors of your home, it’s a simple and convenient process of selecting which color goes best.

Johnson offers its clients to select from a wide assortment of finishes like Matt, Metallic, and High Gloss, Dull, Antique Finish and Stone Finish as well as a huge choice of colors. The best quality of PU paints are used to achieve unsurpassed finishing for our products.